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Shad Bogany, Broker/Owner


Shad Bogany has always started his day before 7 am – whether it’s sending mail outs to past clients or searching for an affordable dream house. A strong believer in the old adages – “The early bird catches the first worm” and “Nothing from nothing leaves nothing” he is always the first to put his best foot forward.

Bogany is a native Houstonian who has more than 22 years experience as a full time real estate professional. Founded in 1980 by Shad’s father, Bogany Properties realized that a company’s involvement begins early in the transaction. This revelation lead to the creation of the marketing plan that has helped Shad Bogany sell hundreds of homes.

In 1990, Mr. Bogany decided that an avenue for communication between homebuyers and the real estate community was needed to keep citizens informed of affordable home buying opportunities and the latest industry news, thus The Real Estate Corner was born. Every Tuesday from 6 pm to 7 pm on KWWJ 1360 am, Shad opens the floor for locals to call and pick his brain about everything from grant monies to the best foundation repair company. He features guest from all industries and gives each show a theme. The Real Estate Corner has become a staple in the community and has a dedicated following.

The year of 1996 was a year of change and development for Mr. Bogany as he decided to join the successful ERA franchise. Many saw this as a sign that Bogany’s business was not doing well, but it was quite the contrary – business had begun to flourish and Shad knew he needed a way to keep customers coming back. He began to research marketing plans and realtor benefits for various franchises. Thus, ERA Bogany Properties was born. Once again, he proved the skeptics wrong becoming not only one of the top selling ERA Agents in the Houston Area, but by also remaining active in the day to day office operations.

On January 11, 2002, Shad was appointed Chairman of the Houston Association of Realtors and proceeded to change the perception of this realtor friendly organization to a real estate industry friendly organization through his theme of “Building Bridges”. During his Chairmanship, he saw through the successful implementation of Tempo Multiple Listing Services & Appointment Manager Software. He also worked diligently to bring home builders, politicians, and Realtors closer together.

Shad Bogany is known to tell it like it is while keeping the public’s best interest in mind. Throughout his many successes, he has often been asked – “Why not sell million dollar homes?” His answer - “I can sell anything to anybody; however I choose to concentrate my efforts on making housing affordable for everyone, not just the business executive, but also the single parent with one income.” This attitude has won him the support of politicians such as Governor Rick Perry and homebuyers and sellers such as Princess Patrick and Linda Bedford.

Shad’s accomplishments are not only lengthy but also meaningful; he has won numerous awards from various organizations including: ERA Franchise, Houston Real Estate Association, Chinese Real Estate Association, and Women’s Council of Realtors. He is an active member of the Houston, Texas, & National Association of Realtors as well as board member for the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs.

Throughout Shad’s real estate career he has become a man with many faces including, real estate instructor, talk show host, columnist, board member, facilitator, advisor, and chairman. Even though his titles have changed, he remains the same spit fired industry professional – ready to fight for the citizen’s right to own a home.

In 2012 Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Gary Greene was proud to welcome Shad Bogany and his ERA team. 

Bogany currently reside in Missouri City, Texas. When he’s not hard at work he enjoys, spending time with his  daughters, traveling, boating, wine tasting, and collecting Afro American art, sculptures, war figurines, and sport collectibles.

So when you decide that you'd like to buy or sell a home in the Greater Houston area, please contact me


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